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To empower you to communicate with impact and influence any audience, on any topic, New Narrative’s proprietary iN/Ntelligence platform combines licensed AI technology with our team’s decades of content expertise to deliver data-driven recommendations and advisory.

The iN/Ntelligence platform searches through a licensed database of over 70,000 news and media sources. By analysing evolving narrative trends, iN/Ntelligence can deliver detailed thematic and competitor analysis, track key themes and provide tailored content insights.

With iN/Ntelligence, you can choose from a state-of-the-art selection of analysis tools, including:

Executive Dispatch
News & media monitoring for the topics that matter to you
Impact Insights
Data-driven, targeted content & thought leadership strategy
Competitor Watch
Monitoring competing coverage to identify “white space”
Narrative Tracker
Global insights on your topics of interest

The iN/Ntelligence platform is customisable according to:

  • Your goals and specific needs
  • Media and data sources most relevant to you
  • Your preferred frequency and depth of analysis
  • Your industry knowledge in combination with New Narrative’s expertise

We tailor iN/Ntelligence to deliver targeted results that focus on what matters to you.

Licensed Platform Capabilities

70,000+ News & Media Sources
A continuously expanding roster of the world’s major and influential media sources.
Language Translation
Translation of up to 14 different languages.
Sentiment Analysis
Identifies whether each result skews positive, neutral or negative.
Articles & Video
Covering both written and video news, with accurate transcripts.
Local and Global
Geographic coverage at your chosen scale, with intelligent tagging.
Fact Checking
Sources include authoritative fact-checks to avoid misinformation.
Named Entity Recognition
Intelligently identifying and tagging specific people, companies, locations and more.
Topic Clustering
Collecting articles under specific AI-driven topic categories for deeper and more precise analysis.
Customisable taxonomies
Developed by N/N’s editorial team to focus on high-impact themes.

Executive Dispatch

News & media monitoring

Helping you stay informed with relevant news, Executive Dispatch is a concise briefing that provides a snapshot of the crucial coverage on your subjects of primary interest. Our analysis arrives straight to your inbox in an easily skimmable dashboard format, as often as you need.

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Who it’s for
C-level executives / PR & communications professionals / Newsrooms / Academia & research / Government & policymakers / Investor relations professionals
You’ll get
  • A high-level overview of relevant topics and narratives. Sentiment analysis to track evolving perspectives and moods.
  • Insights into specific people, organisations, stocks or products.
  • Regular updates so you can keep track of trends and changes in a dynamic business environment.
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Impact Insights

Content strategy advisory

If you’re unsatisfied with the results of your content strategy, we can help your communications and thought leadership achieve maximum performance by uncovering data-powered insights on what is happening behind the scenes.

Our analysis is designed to help you develop a content and communications strategy to reach your target audience and address the issues that matter most to them.

We do this by navigating through tens of thousands of real-world data points for unbiased analysis that informs actionable, relevant, and goal-oriented advice.

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Who it’s for
PR & communications executives / Marketing, content & editorial professionals / Product marketing executives / Senior executives seeking to enhance their thought leadership credentials
Our deep-dive covers
  • Performance and comparisons of coverage across the most relevant topics and subcategories.
  • Current trends in editorial perspectives, variations in viewpoints.
  • Analysis tailored to target audiences, no matter how specialised, to ensure you are speaking their language.
  • Strategic advice on audience interests, topic coverage and sentiment trends.
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Competitor Watch

Targeted competitive analysis

Don’t speculate about how the competition is communicating to your market and prospects. iN/Ntelligence provides fact-based competitive insights.

When it comes to understanding your competitors, delve deeper with Competitor Watch. Our data-based competitor insights help you more accurately ascertain the announcements, actions and commentary among companies in your industry.

Regular updates on competitors of your choosing ensure you are on top of new developments.

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Who it’s for
PR and communications professionals / Marketing & content executives / Product marketing executives / Sales executives / Investor relations professionals
Our analysis includes
  • Assessments of the competitor landscape, from broad strokes to detailed examinations.
  • Insights and tactics on rival strategies, positioning, and messaging.
  • Specific people, organisations, stocks or products.
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Narrative Tracker

Detailed thematic analysis

High-impact content requires drilling down into key themes that matter to your clients and audiences – while avoiding unnecessary noise and distractions. Deep dive into specific themes based on topics and subtopics that you can choose, and we can advise you on, based on our editorial and industry expertise.

Using the power of iN/Ntelligence combined with our editorial team’s decades of editorial acumen, track the broad issues and detailed subtopics that are crucial to your communications strategy and help you influence the market and key stakeholders – from clients to investors to regulators and prospective employees.

Sustainability. Diversity. Corporate Responsibility. Regulation. Market movements and industry trends. Make sure you’re leading the market in the issues that are vital to your business.

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Who it’s for
C-level executives / PR & communications professionals Newsrooms / Academia & research professionals / Government professionals & policymakers / Marketing, content & editorial executives / Product marketing executives
What it includes
  • Audience-specific narrative theme tracking
  • Tailored search taxonomies
  • Updates as detailed and as regular as required
NN Narrative Tracker

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